World Mahjong Championship 2010

August 29

After 3 days of hard work for all players – don’t underestimate the strain of top concentration for 9 rounds of 2 hours! – the new MAHJONG WORLD CHAMPION has been crowned. For some time it looked like China might take all top 3 places, but in the end the final result was:

1. Linghua Jiao (CN)
2. Olivier Boivin (F)
3. Elisabeth Frischenschlager (AU)

With 5 players in the Top 10 (1, 4, 6, 7 and 9), China also claimed the COUNTRY PRICE with a total of 85 table points; runner up was France, with 78 table points, while Denmark claimed 3rd price with 77 table points.

Final Results

Background Info

In October 2007, the Dutch Mahjong Federation received a request if they would be ”up to the challenge” to stage the next World Mahjong Championship. In view of the fact that ”the Dutch” organized the unique first OEMC (Open European Mahjong Championship), we didn’t have to think long to answer positively.

Of course we realized that we were not going to be able to offer anything close to the splendour of what our Chinese friends pulled together. We’re Dutch and the WMC is in Holland – do the math…

Nevertheless, we do know how to ”throw a party” and this event will was unique again in its own right. For two years we’ve been working hard to get it all together; in view of the current financial an economical situation, finding sponsors was more difficult than ever and we are very happy that Dragon Kong stepped in.

And now, the long wait, the planning and dotting the i’s is finally over; 208 players, overseen by 7 referees and supported by over 30 volunteers, have decided who became the new World Champion!